Do You Want To Sell Your Used Equipment Via This Website?

If you want to sell your redundant used equipment this website is a more immediate way of getting to buyers. It is updated every week or so whereas the mailing list will only reach every potential buyer perhaps twice a year. However if your equipment is on the website it will also be on the mailing list and you will benefit from the advertising that I do in journals that apply to various industries.

You can have your used equipment on the website and mailing list with an asking price of your choosing, or you can take my advice on the price as there is little point in you expecting more for your machines than similar machines already on the list. Provided you are offering enough items to justify it, I will visit your site, make an inventory of the equipment, photograph it and put values on each item for your approval. You will be asked to sign an agreement to protect my interests as your sole selling agent and I will require up to 10% of the invoiced price for any item sold. A copy of the agreement can be found on the website or I will e-mail you a copy.

Please contact me if you have used equipment for sale. I am interested in complete plants and in reasonable quality complete machines, preferably in working order. I do not want any low value machines or old machines.