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Roller Mills



Refurbished flaking roller mill with 480 mm diameter rolls with 500 mm face width. Has drive pulley but no motor.
( 2 available )

Price - €4,400 each




Roller mill with 750mm wide rolls. Big heavy beast. Looks like it was a flour mill originally as the roll gap can be set. Most recently used as a cereal crusher.

Price - £2,000


Structure Mill


Roller mill believed to be Prokop MS22 grain cracking roller mill with fluted rolls and two 15kw 975rpm drives. The rolls rotate at different speeds. Output is believed to be up to 5 tph depending on cereal type and roller settings. Probably 70s vintage. The mill has a cast steel body with a wood lining, a single inlet feeding onto two pairs of rolls with an adjustable diverter between them. Each pair of rolls has an adjustable feed roll. The rolls are 250 mm dia x 1000 mm face width and have helical fluting.
There are 2 No 200mm diameter x 1.13 metre long U trough screw conveyors under the rolls one under each pair. They operate in opposite directions from a single drive.
Some damage to viewing window.

Price - £5,000