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Oil Extraction

Oil Extraction Press


Rosedown oil extraction screw press with 4 stage cooker and 30kw main drive and 11kw cooker drive. Rated at 12 tonnes/day.

Price - €8,000



Complete oil seed rape extraction plant built with new machines in 2007 and closed in 2010. The oil was going into the biofuel industry not for human consumption. The plant is still in situ and can be viewed by arrangement. The plant output was up to 10,000 litres in a 12 hour shift when processing cleaned oil seed rape at about 30 deg C with an oil content of about 46%. The seed was preheated to around 30 deg C via heat exchangers which were taking heat from the screw presses. The plant has 7 No Strahle SK130/3 screw presses with 7.5kw geared drives mounted on a platform above a large flat bottomed oil tank. The plant includes a 60 tonne rape seed silo and a smaller hopper. There is a small drum cleaner and a cable and disk conveyor that moves the seed around the plant. Two heat exchangers produce hot air that is blown into the rape seed hopper to preheat it before going to the screw presses. An Amafilter model 42-230MS-32 filters the oil before it is pumped to two 100,000 litre tanks. The residual rape seed cake is conveyed to storage and ends up as animal feed.
The price includes dismantling and loading to buyers transport. Apart from the tanks the plant will fit in two curtain-siders. The tanks are not included in the offer.

Price - €100,000