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Acrison disimilar speed double concentric metering screw model A1-105-2. This unit is in stainless steel and sits on a base plate with 0.75kw drive and inlet hopper. It is 1600mm long x 850mm wide x 900mm high.

Price - £1,500



Waeschle model KDS 100 screw discharger is in stainless steel with a 200 mm wide x 620 mm long hopper with a 100 mm diameter screw with segmented flights and a 1.1 kw 69 rpm drive. Overall discharger length is about 1.5 metres. Built 1998.

Price - £1,000




Skako tray feeder 400 mm wide x 2.2 metres long with drive, support frame, coil spring mountings and variable speed control.
( 2 available )

Price - £1,650 each



Stainless steel tray feeder 450 mm wide x 2.5 metres long with mild steel base but no drive. The tray is detached from the base but mountings are attached.

Price - £600



Stainless steel tray feeder with mild steel support frame. The tray is 600mm wide x 5.8 metres long.

Price - £1,500


Vibrating Tube


Volumetric blending plant comprising 4 No vibrating tube feeders and tote bin stands. The stands are 1360 mm x 1360 mm x 2000 mm high with a small hopper and a vibrating frame on which the tote bins stand. The tube feeders and the variable speed controls were built by Tritton. The tube feeders are 250 mm diameter x 2560 mm overall long. Inlet to outlet centres 2280 mm. The tube feeder has two motors and four anti vibration mounting points. The tube feeder outlets are 1000 mm above base level.

Price - £3,000