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Dust Handling

Cartridge Filters


DCE reversejet cartridge filter model VS21 KS3 with fan and under hopper.

Price - £2,500




1.4 metre diameter mild steel cyclone approx 2.0 metres high. Believed to have been built in 2016. The cyclone has a shallow hopper with an outlet 1080 mm x 580 mm to suit a JK rubber tipped rotary valve.
( 2 available )

Price - £1,250 each


Reversejet Filters


Simatek model JM/124/45054T1-221 reversejet dust filter built in 1999. It has 124 x 4.5 metre long bags giving a filter area of 245.5 M2. Body is 3.2 metres diameter and overall height is 7.25 metres including 2.0 metre support legs. It has a flat bottom with sweep arm discharge via a rotary valve. This filter needs a set of bags but it comes complete with some ducting and a 90 kw Jorgen Hansen DAT 1000-90/R centrifugal fan with backward sloping blades. Output is up to 44,000 M3 per hour. Will need some new bag cages.
( 2 available )

Price - £7,500 each



DCE Dalamatic reversejet filter model DLM V10/10 F3 FT. The is an uncased filter with top entry for bag change. The fan is believed to be 1.5 kw.

Price - £500



DCE Dalamatic reversejet filter model DLM V14 7H. This unit has a purpose made case for hopper or silo mounting and it has no fan. Total filter area 14 M2.
( 3 available )

Price - £1,500 each



Galvanised dust storage silo constructed from smooth flanged panels. This silo is 4.0M diameter for 9.0M and then the walls slope out over a height of 1.3M to a diameter of 5.0M. There is approximately 5.0M of vertical wall at 5.0M diameter. The top is handrailed and there are access ladders. The top 5.0M section of the silo is a reversejet filter with 380 tubular bags 120mm diameter x 4.0M long giving a filter area of 573M2. It has a vertical exhaust and explosion relief panels. Dust is blown into the silo at a tangent on the section where the diameter changes. The silo has a flat floor 3.0M above base level with a sweep arm discharge driven by a 15kw gearmotor. Total storage volume is approximately 75M3 but working volume will be less.
The filter comes with a Euroventilatore type TRC 1401 centrifugal fan with a 90kw belt drive. The fan can deliver up to 50,000M3/hr.
Also included is the Nazzareno 250mm diameter x 3.0M long discharge U trough screw conveyor with a variable speed geared drive with a forced air cooling fan.
There is a 300mm diameter Young Massa drop through rotary valve on the conveyor outlet with geared drive.
This package is offered as seen in situ. Buyer to dismantle and remove.

Price - £5,000



DCE reversejet insertable filter model DLM V6 10 F1. This has a filter area of 6M2 and a 0.75kw fan.
( 5 available )

Price - £750 each



DCE Dalamatic insertable reversejet filter with hopper for milled product. The hopper is 1.1M x 1.2M x 4.17M high with the filter in the top and a 150mm diameter rotary valve on the discharge. The filter looks like a 20 bag unit but I do not know the bag length. The aspiration fan on top is 3kw. This is a continuous cleaning filter and needs a compressed air supply.

Price - £1,250



Dantherm MJB 7S 36 reversejet filter built 2006. It has a 1.1 kw fan and wil operate up to 160 degrees C. The filter has 18 Nomex bags giving 7 square metres of filter area and the fan will deliver 400 cubic metres per hour at 300 mm wg.

Price - £1,500


Shaker Filters


Bag tip with below floor level hopper, discharge screw to elevator and UMA 150 STU shaker type filter with 1.5kw fan. The discharge screw looks to be about 300mm diameter x 1.5M long with a tail drive and an open end to force feed the elevator.

Price - £1,000



DCE Unimaster shaker type dust collector model UMA 250H G5 with controller and purpose made underhopper but no acoustic hood or explosion panel.

Price - £400