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Complete Plants

Wood Shavings Plant


Complete shavings plant constructed in 2010 and believed to have ceased operation in 2016. Approximate output is 2.5 tph of dry shavings.
There is no debarking machine so the bark particles end up within the shavings but a lot get screen out from the dry shavings and end up as fuel for the furnace.
The logs are loaded onto a log haul conveyor and through two log planers in-line. The planers are a 2.6 metre single box by Jackson Lumber with two heads and a single drive and a 2.6 metre single box Blue Diamond with two heads each with their own drive. The shavings are conveyed away from below the planers and transported to a star screen for the removal of splinters. Clean shavings are transferred to a bunker feeder which provides a controlled feed rate for the shavings to the dryer.
The dryer is a Webb type suspension refactory lined vertical furnace connected to a triple pass rotary drum dryer. Both were supplied by Jackson Lumber in USA but not necessarily built by them.
The furnace was built in 2009 and has an output of 15 million BTU (4.4MW). It burns the screenings from the dry shavings sieve which are pneumatically transferred from the screen to a holding hopper and then through a small hammer mill prior to pneumatic transfer to the furnace.
The furnace is connected to triple pass lagged and clad rotary drum dryer 2.4 metres diameter x 7.3 metres long. The drum rides on rollers and riding rings at either end and has a friction drive.
The dry shavings are sucked out of the drum dryer and into a cyclone separator by a centrifugal fan. The cyclone discharge is fitted with a rotary valve through which the shavings pass onto a conveyor. The conveyor lifts the shavings up to a reciprocating screen, made by Balepak, where small particles are removed and transported back to the fuel hopper.
From the sieve the clean dry shavings can go to a long chain and slat conveyor for loading open topped bulk transporters or to a baler. The baler is a twin ram Balepak 120 with a capacity of 120 bales per hour. This is a hand operated unit with the operator placing the plastic sleeves on the bale tube, removing them when filled, heat sealing them closed and loading to a pallet. .

Price - £230,000

Wood Fuel Pelleting Plant 01


Unused wood fuel pelleting plant with an output of up to 50,000 tonnes per year making softwood pellets. All machines were built in 2018 and are currently in store, some in the UK some in Germany, as the plant was never assembled. The plant comprises a VEP walking floor, an Allgaier rolling bed dryer with Polytechnik heat source, Bruks hammer mill with Scheuch filter, Salmatec pellet presses, Geelen cooler and Cryloc pellet sieve. Includes all handling equipment and control equipment. Approx 3,500,000 Euros in value. The photographs show the ID plates of some of the machines I have seen in the UK which are still packaged and sheeted down so difficult to get at. This plant was to be constructed like the plant reference UCPE-6160, see photos. Sensible offers considered.

Price - POA

Gasification Plant


Complete gasification plant, done very little work. Built 2010 closed 2013. Comprises Laimet wood chipper (see UCPE-6185, wood screener with magnets, Keith walking floor (see UCPE-6099), on floor wood chip drying system, 4 No Biomass Engineering gasifiers, gas filters, Enalco heat exchangers, venturi scrubber, gas blowers, Boge air compressor and 2 No Jenbacher 500KVA CHP generating sets in containers. Only 50hrs each on generators.

Price - POA

Cereal Dehulling Plant


Complete Buhler cereal dehulling line built in 1993 but never used. Output up to 2.5 tph. The line comprises Buhler cyclone filter, Buhler DSTZ grading cylinder, Buhler MAZF flow balancer, storage hoppers, Buhler DSRD huller with 37kw drive and Buhler DSRH 15 polisher/pearler. Will sell machines separately.

Price - €35,000


Milling & Mixing Plant


Farm scale milling and mixing plant comprising:-
Belt and bucket elevator feeding mill service hopper.
Ottevanger centre fed hammer mill with 22kw drive, magnet chute and vibratory tray feeder with service hopper above.
DCE Dalamatic reversejet filter with suction fan, under hopper and rotary valve. This is sucking milled product from the hammer mill.
Belt and bucket elevator from rotary valve to conveyor above.
150mm diameter U trough screw conveyors from mill to meal bins.
2 No 20m3 (total volume per unit) meal bins with hopper bottoms and 300mm diameter tapered screw dischargers.
2 No 250mm diameter round cased screw conveyors from bins to mixer.
Ribbon blade horizontal mixer with a working volume up to 8m3 and a 22kw chain drive. The mixer is mounted on 4 No load cells.
300mm diameter tapered screw discharger taking mixed meal from 2 No electro pneumatic slides below the mixer.
350mm diameter U trough screw conveyor about 15M long conveying from the mixer discharger to a live bin with a working volume of about 2m3. This is used as a bagging bin.
Bag tip unit with below ground level receiving hopper, tipping enclosure and a DCE UMA150STU shaker type filter with 1.5kw fan. Under the hopper is a short screw force feeding an elevator.
300mm belt and bucket elevator with bottom section below floor level. This takes material from the bag tip force feeder to the ribbon mixer.
Also included is a piston type compressor on an air receiver and the control panel.
All offered in as seen condition dismantled and loaded to buyers transport.

Price - £40,000


Oat Processing Line


Complete Buhler oat dehulling line built in 1995 but never commissioned. This plant is dismantled and in store. Output up to 2 x 2.5 tph. The plant comprises :-
2 x Cyclone filters.
1 x Buhler DSTZ grading cylinder.
1 x Buhler MTRA 60/100 inclined deck sieve.
1 x Buhler MVSQ 60 air recycling aspiration unit.
2 x Buffer bins.
2 x Buhler MAZF flow balancers.
2 x Buhler DMHB S71000 dehullers.
2 x Buhler MVSB 70 aspirators.
2 x Buhler MHXF 30/60 scourers.
2 x Buhler MVSB 70 aspirators.
1 x Buhler DNTB 48 paddy separator.
Many other associated items.

Price - €95,000


Wood Pelleting Plant


Unused wood fuel pelleting plant in Austria. Construction has been terminated and plant installation is 90% completed. Capacity up to 40,000 tonnes per year. Allgaier rolling bed dryer, Allgaier tumbler sieves, Bruks hammer mill, 2 No Salmatec pellet presses, Geelen cooler and all associated machines and electrical equipment.

Price - POA