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UCPE.com sells used equipment for processing, handling, drying, cleaning, storing, weighing and packaging grain, malt, pulses, animal feed, animal feed concentrates and supplements, dry pet food, greencrops, straw, wood based cat litter, wood fuel, fertiliser and dust.

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Latest News

UCPE.com sale completed  Sanderson Weatherall acquires the Business and Assets of UCPE – copy & paste the following link into your web browser for more information:- https://www.sw.co.uk/news-insights/sanderson-weatherall-acquires-the-business-and-assets-of-ucpe/
Energy Crisis  If you want to make biomass pellets for fuel I have the machines. If you want furnaces that burn, coal, wood chip, wood pellets or sawdust I have them. If you want gasifiers that produce heat and gas from waste, wet wood chip and bark I have them.
Equiment for sale: Last updated: 29th November 2022
Equipment wanted: Last updated: 26th July 2022