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Sieves, Screens and Sifters

Brush Sifters


Le Coq 530 brush sifter with motor.

Price - £750



Simon Solites brush sifter with 1.5 mm mesh and 4kw drive but no brushes.

Price - £1,000



Kemutec brush sifter on support stand with metered screw feed, under hopper and Rotoval blowing seal on the discharge. The under hopper is vented by a small WAM reversejet filter. The sifter has a rotation sensor and various safety switches.

Price - £2,000



KEK type 800 brush sifter in stainless steel. It has 300 mm diameter x 800 mm long mesh cylinder and a 4 kw motor.
( 2 available )

Price - £4,000 each


Flat Tray


Flat tray vibrating sieve in stainless steel box 1200 mm x 1200 mm. No outlet for over size particles.
( 2 available )

Price - £500 each




Texpan oscillating sieve with a selection of spare screen meshes. Believed to be a model VGZ1.5T/2500 and built around 1995. It is 7.8 metres long x 3.6 metres wide x 3.35 metres to the inlet. The main body with sieves is 2.5 metres wide x 6.5 metres long giving a single screen deck area of about 16 square metres. The drive motor is 15kw.

Price - £15,000


Inclined Deck


Gough screen body only on a support frame with drives and springs but open top and no meshes. will take 700 mm x 2.0 metre deck.

Price - £1,500



Vibraplant model SEE3 1500 x 2600 inclined deck reciprocating screen built 2012 and little used. This is a triple deck machine which was screening wood chip and has stainless steel woven wire meshes 15 x 15 top 8 x 8 middle and about 1 x 1 bottom. Max single screen are 1.5M x 2.6M. There are some spare meshes of different sizes. The bottom deck has automatic compressed air tensioning.

Price - £10,000



Skako stainless steel vibrating tray made into a vegetable washer by Haith. Needs some work to convert to a sieve or a feeder. Deck is 1.25 M wide x 3.3 M long and it has 2 No drives. On a support frame.

Price - £2,250



VAV Scan Vibro inclined single deck sieve, in a frame with spring mountings and two drive motors. The machine is enclosed and has a 400 mm wide stainless steel woven wire screen 1.2 metres long. Mesh is about 5 mm square. Outlets are 250 mm diameter. The sieve was built in 1993.

Price - £1,500




Enclosed trommel, looks like a Snowflake model. It is 5.0 metres long x 2.44 metres wide x 3.4 metres high and has a dust extraction point and drive. The hexagonal screen comprises 12 No flat screen segments giving a working area of 20 square metres. It has 2.0 mm square wire mesh fitted.

Price - £5,000