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Sieves, Screens and Sifters

Brush Sifters


Le Coq 530 brush sifter with motor.

Price - £750



Brush sifter in bits. Looks like a Solitec. Has 2 No baskets 500mm diameter x 1230mm long. One is 5mm round hole the other 4mm stainless woven wire. There is a 15kw motor with it.

Price - £500



KEK type 800 brush sifter in stainless steel. It has 300 mm diameter x 800 mm long mesh cylinder and a 4 kw motor.
( 2 available )

Price - £4,000 each


Flat Tray


Flat tray vibrating sieve in stainless steel box 1200 mm x 1200 mm. No outlet for over size particles.
( 3 available )

Price - £500 each


Frames & Meshes


Locker wooden screen frames with ball meshes only. Frames are 3050 mm x 1020 mm x 65 mm deep.
( 5 available )

Price - £300 each



Locker wooden screen frames with ball meshes only. Frames are 1540 mm x 990 mm x 65 mm deep.
( 18 available )

Price - £250 each




Locker Rotex sieve on stand. Believed to be a type 41GP with an extra deck added.

Price - £2,000



Reconditioned Locker Rotex Model No: 21A
No. Of decks: 1
Nominal area per surface (m2): 2.16
Motor: 1.1kw / 1440rpm 3ph 380/415v
Nett weight (kg): 715
Principal dimensions (L x W x H): 2835 x 1295 x 915
Material of construction:
New aluminium screen frame with S/S woven wire mesh ball retaining deck and new WFQ sealing gasket.
New aluminium dust proof top cover with 250mm inlet diameter, deflector plate and two off inspection ports fitted with new WFQ sealing gasket.
M/S base frame, box frame and M/S bottom pan with all welds dressed and weld splatter removed. The bottom is pan has a 250mm diameter fines and a 250mm diameter oversize outlet.
This sieve was reconditioned in 2014 and has never worked since.
It was supplied with a 5 mm mesh to do up to 12 tph screening fines from dry pet food.
It has 4 No suspension cables with it.

Price - £7,500



Locker Rotex gearbox.

Price - £500



Texpan three deck gyratory screener with a selection of screen meshes. This appears to be a three deck machine which is totally enclosed. It is 7.8 metres long x 3.6 metres wide x 3.35 metres to the inlet. The main body with sieves is 2.5 metres wide x 6.5 metres long giving a single screen deck area of about 16 square metres. The drive motor looks to be about 15kw.

Price - £20,000


Inclined Deck


Blackfriars single deck sieve with support stand and drum magnet on the discharge. The entire unit is 3.5 metres long x 2.0 metres wide x 2.0 metres to the inlet. The sieve has a deck 1.15 metres wide x 2.5 metres long with a 15 mm diameter perforated screen. It is driven by 2 No 2.2 kw motors. There is a Master Magnets drum magnet on the outlet with drive. The drum is 300 mm diameter x 1100 mm long face.

Price - £5,000



Gough screen body only on a support frame with drives and springs but open top and no meshes. will take 700 mm x 2.0 metre deck.

Price - £1,000



Vibraplant model SEE3 1500 x 2600 inclined deck reciprocating screen built 2012 and little used. This is a triple deck machine which was screening wood chip and has stainless steel woven wire meshes 15 x 15 top 8 x 8 middle and about 1 x 1 bottom. Max single screen are 1.5M x 2.6M. There are some spare meshes of different sizes. The bottom deck has automatic compressed air tensioning.

Price - £10,000



Skako stainless steel vibrating tray made into a vegetable washer by Haith. Needs some work to convert to a sieve or a feeder. Deck is 1.25 M wide x 3.3 M long and it has 2 No drives. On a support frame.
( 2 available )

Price - £2,250 each



VAV Scan Vibro inclined single deck sieve, in a frame with spring mountings and two drive motors. The machine is enclosed and has a 400 mm wide stainless steel woven wire screen 1.2 metres long. Mesh is about 5 mm square. Outlets are 250 mm diameter. The sieve was built in 1993.

Price - £1,500



Simon Barron Z1 inclined deck reciprocating sieve. This is a two deck machine with a single deck area of 1M2 but no meshes.

Price - £200



Turner 6 x 4 single deck sieve.

Price - £1,000




Enclosed trommel, looks like a Snowflake model. It is 5.0 metres long x 2.44 metres wide x 3.4 metres high and has a dust extraction point and drive. The hexagonal screen comprises 12 No flat screen segments giving a working area of 20 square metres. It has 2.0 mm square wire mesh fitted.

Price - £5,000