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Dump Chutes


Stainless steel hand operated dump chute 390 mm x 250 mm x 500 mm high.

Price - £100



Stainless steel hand operated dump chute 400 mm x 250 mm x 620 mm high.

Price - £100


Pellet Coolers - Box


Geelen counterflow pellet cooler in stainless steel with inlet rotary valve and under hopper. The cooler body is 2900mm x 2900mm x 1400mm deep. Probably a VK 29 x 29. Included with the cooler is an Andritz reversejet filter with exhaust fan, sweep arm discharge and outlet rotary valve.

Price - £30,000


Pellet Coolers - Horizontal


Swiss Combi two deck moving bed pellet cooler 10 metres long. Bed width is 1.9 metres and overall body width is 2.3 metres. Height to inlet is 2.13 metres.

Price - £7,500


Pellet Crumblers


PTN pellet crumbler model HB KRU 7 built in 1999. The crumbler has a 0.37kw feed roll drive and 11kw and 22kw drives on the rolls. The rolls are driven at different speeds and in opposite directions of rotation. Rolls are 250mm diameter and the inlet is 1860mm wide. Output is up to 23 tph. There are a spare pair of reconditioned rolls included.

Price - £8,000



Simon Barron A3 pellet crumbler with independently driven top mounted feed roll and control gate. Main drive is 7.5kw. Rolls are 152mm diameter x 1397mm and rotate at 410 and 575 rpm respectively. Throughput is up to 10tph. Comes with a spare set of part worn fluted rolls. The rolls in the crumbler are refluted and in good order. They recently replaced the rolls offered as spares.

Price - £3,800


Pellet Press Spares


Unused 6.0 mm die for Compress 235 pellet press. The die is 110 mm thick and has a 1:20 taper.

Price - £1,000



Part worn 6.0 mm die for a Paladin 1200B HR pellet press. The die is 110 mm thick and has a 1:12 taper. It is 50% worn but reconditioned.

Price - £800



Part worn 3.0 mm die for Compress 235 pellet press. The die is 70 mm thick and is 40% worn.

Price - £750


Pellet Presses


Swiss Combi 4/4K pelleting press with what looks like a 160kw drive, no plate. The press has a force feeder, a set of four rolls and a 7 mm die which I am told was refurbished and has done almost no work. The press was set up to pellet straw dust. There is a starter panel with the press but it does not have an ammeter. There are no spares.

Price - £12,000



Orbit 225/375 pellet press with vee belt drive and motor that is believed to be 110kw. The press has a CPM conditioner but no feeder. There is a force feeder on the door. Very tidy machine. A selection of spares are available.

Price - £20,000



2 No - Andritz PM30 pellet presses built in 2008 with 315kw motors, vee belt drives, CM901-30 stainless steel conditioners with 11kw drives, stainless steel variable speed screw feeders, service hoppers, twin door mounted force feeders, temperature sensors, water cooled rolls with water chiller and pump, gearbox oil pump, filter and cooler and automatic roll lubrication system. Die diameter is 850mm and track width 130mm. Some spare dies and rolls will be included and starter panels. Offered as a pair but can be split. I am told both machines had an overhaul shortly before shut down. Price includes dismantling and loading to buyers transport.

Price - £160,000