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Dump Chutes


Stainless steel hand operated dump chute 390 mm x 250 mm x 500 mm high.

Price - £100



Stainless steel hand operated dump chute 400 mm x 250 mm x 620 mm high.

Price - £100


Pellet Coolers - Box


Geelen counterflow cooler model VK 28 x 28 - KL with stainless steel body built in 1995 but not used for the past 10 years. The cooler comes with under hopper, inlet rotary valve and 37kw fan. The cooler has a swivel valve discharge bed used for pet food and other fragile products. It has no support legs or cyclone. Approximate overall dimensions 3.0M x 3.4M x 4.0M high.

Price - £12,500


Pellet Coolers - Horizontal


Swiss Combi two deck moving bed pellet cooler 10 metres long. Bed width is 1.9 metres and overall body width is 2.3 metres. Height to inlet is 2.13 metres.

Price - £7,500


Pellet Press Conditioners


Refurbished Ecoflo pellet press conditioner with 7.5kw drive. Conditioner is 400mm diameter x 1.9 metres long with liquids inlets and access door. Also refurbished feeder 250mm diameter x 1.7 metres long with 1.5kw geared drive and plate magnet on outlet. Can be sold separately.

Price - £6,500



400 mm diameter x 1.5 metre long pellet press conditioner, no motor but with feeder and Tasc variable speed drive.

Price - £2,000



2 No kettles with sweep arm discharge. These have steam jackets and would have been used for long term conditioning of meals prior to pelleting. Can be used for storage and discharge of non free flowing products. Offered as a packege but can be split.

Price - £1,000


Pellet Press Spares


Unused 6.0 mm die for Compress 235 pellet press. The die is 110 mm thick and has a 1:20 taper.

Price - £1,000



Part worn 6.0 mm die for a Paladin 1200B HR pellet press. The die is 110 mm thick and has a 1:12 taper. It is 50% worn but reconditioned.

Price - £800



Part worn 3.0 mm die for Compress 235 pellet press. The die is 70 mm thick and is 40% worn.

Price - £750


Pellet Presses


Swiss Combi 4/4K pelleting press with what looks like a 160kw drive, no plate. The press has a force feeder, a set of four rolls and a 7 mm die which I am told was refurbished and has done almost no work. The press was set up to pellet straw dust. There is a starter panel with the press but it does not have an ammeter. There are no spares.

Price - £12,000



Swiss Combi model 4/4K pellet press on base with 200kw 1490 rpm direct drive. This is 4 roll machine and it takes a 900 mm diameter die with a 110 mm wide track. The press has a door mounted force feeder, a 2M long x 400 mm diameter combined feeder conditioner with two drives, hydraulic roll setting with powerpack and pendant control and a starter panel with controls. The machine will have a set of rolls and a die with it. There is a selection of new and part worn dies and rollers that can be offered at extra cost.
( 3 available )

Price - £20,000 each



Milltech C95-185 with stainless steel door, dump chute and 90kw belt drive. It comes with a 400mm dia x 1500mm long conditioner and control panel. The die is 450mm dia with a 140mm track, 6mm drilling x 85mm thick, "clamp on" with "bolt on" cone. The press was rebuilt in 1997.

Price - £8,000



Small Orbit pellet press gearbox with door and feed chute.

Price - £500



Amandus Kahl C45-1250 pellet press built 2011 with heavy duty gearbox, 315kw drive, 5 roll head, automatic roll greaser, oil cooler and hydraulic roll pressure. No feeder or control panel. About 120 hrs per week average. At least 80,000 hours at May 2020. Includes a selection of spare dies and a five roll head.

Price - £80,000