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Ribbon Blade


Stainless steel lined cylindrical horizontal mixer with inclined blades on a central shaft. Product to be mixed is introduced via an angled duct in the end plate. There is a 45kw SEW Eurodrive gearmotor and gearbox but not attached to the mixer. Output speed is 47 rpm. The gearbox output shaft was cut through during removal. The mixer body has two flanged outlets at base level. The body is 1.2 metres diameter x 3.66 metres long giving a total volume of 6 M3 ( working volume may be smaller). There are two large access doors in one side with safety switches.

Price - £10,000




Reffold nominal 2 tonne Quickmix vertical mixer. The unit is 1.7 metres diameter by 1.6 metres on the vertical. The infeed hopper and force feed screw at the bottom of the vertical screw have been removed and the vertical screw shortened. The mixer is now top feed only.

Price - £1,000



Skjold vertical mixer with a nominal 1 tonne capacity and an above floor additives feed hopper.

Price - £750