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Liquids Handling

Drying Cabinet


Insulated stainless steel drying cabinet 1.5 metres x 1.25 metres x 1.3 metres high with door.

Price - £750


Fat Sprayers


Sprout Matador COT 15 drum coater in an insulated enclosure with pipework and EP actuators for 3 No liquids.

Price - £5,000


Liquids Weigher


Trace heated fats tank located in a mild steel enclosure with the tank supported on 3 load cells. The tank will hold approx 100l of liquid.
( 2 available )

Price - £1,000 each



Molasses weighing system with two pumps, pipework, rectangular main molasses storage tank, small loadcell mounted weighing vessel and pneumatic control valves.

Price - £1,500




Stainless Steel Calpeda water pump model MXB40-805C with 2.2 kw drive.

Price - £350



Waukesha Cherry Burrell gear pump with 0.75kw drive 1" ports.

Price - £250




Stainless steel vessel with dished bottom, outlet valve and flat bolted on top with flanged pipe entries. 600 mm diameter x 1950 mm to bottom flange. Volume 500 litres.

Price - £1,000



Stainless steel jacketed bowl 1150 mm diameter x 825 mm deep with support legs, top cover and lid. The overall height with legs is 1575 mm giving 680 mm below the 50 mm diameter flanged outlet. Working volume about 350 litres. Made by Foodmex Ltd.

Price - £1,500



Open topped stainless steel tank 1M x 1M x 1M on mild steel support stand.

Price - £300



Jacketed stainless steel mixing tank on legs with flat bottom and geared drive below. Made by Terlet in Holland. Stainless steel cladding is damaged. The top is conical the tank is about 1.6 metres diameter x 2.0 meters deep and the legs are 700mm high. About 3.3 metres overall height.

Price - £3,000



Jacketed stainless steel tank 1.2M outside diameter with conical base and 40mm outlet. Insulated top with 400 mm diameter inlet with lid. No support frame or legs. The body is 600 mm deep and the cone is about 400 mm deep.

Price - £650



GRP bund for IBCs. 1.77 metres long x 1.36 metres wide x 700 mm deep with working area of 1600 mm x 1200 mm IBC.

Price - £300



Stainless steel vessel 320 mm diameter x 1200 mm body length with shallow cone on the bottom. It has a valve on the outlet and 4 No flanged inlets and 1 No threaded inlet on the top.

Price - £500



Rectangular molasses tank 3.0 metres x 2.6 metres x 2.9 metres high with inlets, outlets, access ports etc. Working volume about 22 cubic metres.

Price - £950


Washing Machine


Oliver Douglas industrial washing machine in stainless steel with powered lid, pump and controls. Model referred to as Skipper. In stainless steel and takes 13.5kw.

Price - £1,500