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Rotary Metering Type


Rotoflo Discharger model LPRC 1500. This unit is 1.5M diameter and was discharging limestone from a silo. The 0.75kw motor is missing but the reduction gearbox is still fitted. The central cone and ploughs rotate at 1.09 rpm.

Price - £2,000



Buhler rotary bin discharger with 4hp drive, 600 mm dia sweep arm, feed control gate and electro pneumatic cut off.
( 3 available )

Price - £300 each


Single Screw


Single tapered screw discharger 250 mm diameter x 2.67 metres long with 1.75 metre long inlet, hinged safety flap with micro switch and side mounted tail drive. Built 2001.

Price - £750



Carier 350mm diameter tapered screw discharger 2.8 metres long with 1.8 metre intake section and side mounted tail drive.

Price - £750