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Complete Plants

Wood Shavings Plant


Wood shavings plant comprising log handling, debarking, log planing (Blue Diamond), shavings separation, bulk shavings storage bunker, shavings drying (MEC triple pass rotary drum + Energy Unlimited 5MW sawdust burner) and rotary shavings dedusting unit. Includes sawdust bunker to feed burner, all fans, cyclones, reversejet filter, handling equipment and control equipment. About 5 tph wet shavings in 3 tph dry shavings out.

Price - £190,000


Briquetting and pelleting plant


Complete processing line to handle pre chipped woodchip. Designed to process 0.8 tonnes per hour of pre chipped woodchip with an average of 20% moisture. The line consists of a raw material infeed with level control and metering outfeed to a refining mill fittd with 6 mm screen an pneumatic transfer system. To a rotary drum dryer fired by an automatic screw feed biomass furnace. The system also has a 32 cubic meter storage silo with sweep arm discharge, this feeds a Farm Feed Systems pellet machine producing 6 mm pellets at 300 kg or to a Weima TH 820 producing a 80 mm briquette at 180 kg/h.
The line has several buffer hoppers and a final weighing line with inpact heat sealers.

Price - £130,000


Wood Pelleting Plant


Wood fuel pelleting plant built in 2007 with new equipment. The plant is capable of producing up to 1.5 tph of 6 mm pellets from <50mm dry wood chip. The plant comprises :-
A dry woodchip reception hopper for loading with a power shovel. The hopper has a dust hood with strip curtains but the dust aspiration system is missing. The hopper has a screw discharger C1 feeding to a belt and bucket elevator E1.
Elevator E1 feeds onto a screw conveyor C2 which has an intermediate electro pneumatic outlet feeding to C3 bypassing the hammer mill. The end outlet feeds into a circular live bin with sweep arm discharge.
The live bin discharges into a twin screw variable speed feeder which in turn feeds the Amandus Kahl model 9003-1060 hammer mill which has a heavy particle separator on the inlet and a 90kw 2975 rpm direct drive. The hammer mill sits on top of an expansion hopper and is aspirated by fan through a reversejet filter also on the expansion hopper. This hopper has a screw discharger C3 on the outlet which feeds to elevator E2 via a rotary valve.
Elevator E2 feeds into a circular live bin with sweep arm discharge. The bin outlet feeds into an Amandus Kahl DM 315 variable speed screw feeder which in turn feeds an Amandus Kahl model 37-850 pelleting press with a 90kw belt drive.
Hot pellets fall by gravity from the pellet press outlet into an Amandus Kahl single pass moving bed horizontal pellet cooler. Pellets discharge from one end and fine particles from the other. The cooler is aspirated by a fan and cyclone. Dust from the cyclone passes through a rotary valve to conveyor C5 which passes below the cooler and collects the fines from it. C5 feeds onto conveyor C6 which feeds to elevator E2 allowing the dust and fines to pass back to the pelleting press. The cyclone exhaust passes to atmosphere. Pellets pass out of the cooler onto a twin chain conveyor C4 with a swan neck bend feeding into elevator E3.
Elevator E3 lifts the pellets to a Turner pellet sieve that removes fine particles before passing them onto a conveyor C7 which distributes the pellets to one of 3 x 4 tonne storage hoppers.
One of the pellet hoppers has a T A Shore BL33 electronic semi-automatic gross bag weigher on the outlet with a bag conveyor and a Star Universal impact heat sealer. The other two hopper outlets are for big bag or tote bin filling.
Elevator E4 receives screened pellets which flow into the 9 tonne capacity outloading hopper.
There is a network of dust collecting ductwork from various machines and hoppers but the filter and fan are missing.
All control equipment is included.
Please note the hammer mill and pellet press have been sold so this is no longer a complete plant. Price has been dropped.

Price - £75,000