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Bunker Feeders

Sweep Arm


Waeschle aluminium circular hopper with dust filter and sweep arm discharge. The hopper is 1.2 metres diameter x 2.2 metres high with a blowline entry in the top. The sweep arm geared drive takes up 700 mm below the flat base. The cartridge filter is side entry near the top of the hopper. There are high and low level switches fitted. Working volume below filter level is about 1 M3.
( 3 available )

Price - £2,500 each


Walking Floor


Nazzareno push floor bunker model 2R-9000 built in 2008 with 2 No 18.5kw hydraulic powerpacks. This unit comprises two grids side by side reciprocating independantly. Working area is 9.0M x 3.345M and total length is 14M to allow for grid movement and the hydraulic rams. This unit was operating in a bunker with concrete walls and discharged into a 400mm diameter x 4.2M long Nazzareno cross conveyor below ground level. Stroke frequency can be adjusted to give a discharge rate of up to 60M3 per hr. Offered as seen in situ. Buyer to dismantle and remove.

Price - £5,000



Keith walking floor with support stand, hydraulic powerpack and oil cooler. Working dimensions 3.0 metres wide x 3.0 metres deep x 10.0 metres long. It has a screw conveyor on the outlet. Excellent condition, done about a weeks work only.

Price - £22,000



Hekotek push floor bunker with a body size of 3.5M x 7.0M x 3.5M giving a working volume of about 85M2. The bunker has support legs, a levelling screw along the top and a 570mm diameter x 5.8M discharge screw across the end. There is a platform at the rear with a hydraulic powerpack driving two rams. The powerpack has 2 x 22kw pumps and an oil cooler. Overall bunker length is 10.3M and overall height 5.0M.
( 2 available )

Price - £30,000 each