David N Whyte

I was born in 1941 and after a good all round education have spent my entire working life in engineering mainly associated with grain handling and grain processing. I worked as a sales representative for E. H. Bentall of Maldon, Essex from 1964 to 1975 selling their range of grain drying and storage equipment and on-farm feed preparation equipment In 1975 I joined Hopkinsons of Newark as a project engineer doing system design, project costing and sales covering a wider range ofgrain handling and processing equipment and getting involved in contracts from start to finish.

In 1983 I set up a consultancy business doing freelance system design, equipment sourcing and contract management. It was during this period that I became interested in used equipment as a means of holding down project costs and in 1986 I was a co-founder of Grain and Milling Equipment Ltd more recently known as GAME Engineering. This company was established to buy and sell used animal feed processing equipment and to carry out reconditioning work, system design and installation. GAME grew quite rapidly and expanded into manufacturing new machines and carrying out major contracts in the animal feed and dry pet food industries. Due to progress at GAME, their diversification into other industries and the problems in the animal feed industry it was decided that the Used Equipment Division should close in Spring 1998. I agreed to leave the company, relinquishing my directorship and selling my shares but to continue working with them on a freelance basis.

Currently I am working extensively on redundant equipment disposal on a commission basis and I do some consultancy work where I am paid by the hour. I have an extensive client list, national and international, that I have built up over the years. This website is constructed to list used equipment for sale and wanted.

My areas of expertise are :-

  1. Animal Feed Processing.
  2. Grain Handling, Drying, Cleaning and Storage.
  3. Straw Processing including pelleting for fuel or bedding.
  4. Greencrop Drying and Processing.
  5. Dry Pet Food Manufacturing.
  6. Fertiliser Handling.
  7. Wood Based Cat Litter Manufacturing.
  8. Wood Fuel Pellet Manufacturing
  9. Animal Feed Supplement and Concentrate Manufacturing.
  10. Woodshavings and Sawdust Handling and Processing.