A better way of buying and selling used equipment

UCPE.com sells used equipment for processing, handling, drying, cleaning, storing, weighing and packaging grain, malt, pulses, animal feed, animal feed concentrates and supplements, dry pet food, greencrops, straw, wood based cat litter, wood fuel, fertiliser and dust.

Keep coming back to this site There will be regular updates of pages offering equipment for sale, and equipment wanted. If you want to sell your equipment through this site, click on the 'Sell your equipment' link on the left.

Latest News

UCPE.com  We have a new website which is visible but it is still a work in progress. Data is being amended and photographs will be added. Ian Woffinden now runs the engineering side of the Grove Pet Foods business which is on the Lodge Farm site. David Whyte deals with all sales matters and can be contacted on 0844 800 4417 or 07703 170937 or dwhyte@ucpe.com.
Equiment for sale: Last updated: 22nd January 2020
Equipment wanted: Last updated: 30th August 2019